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Restaurant Awnings

Large Terrace Restaurant Awnings
Commercial and Large Terrace Awnings

The PERGOLA Terrace restaurant awning is a must for a festive atmosphere and guaranteed to attract a demanding public.

Do you have a terrace on your place of business? Is it usable in the high heat of the day or during rainy days. You have probably noticed how quickly the terrace empties under fierce midday sun, at the hint of an evening breeze or during sudden summer downpours.

The TERRACE AWNING is a retractable awnings system designed to withstand the elements for large patio installations. The system is designed to cover large areas with a maximum projection of 20 feet. Maximum width per section is 16 feet. Multiple units can be mounted next to each other thereby covering an unlimited area.

The system is easy to operate. At the push of a button the system extends or retracts automatically. A spring tensioned guide system ensures that the fabric is sufficiently taut both when rolling as well as stationary.

Commercial Awnings
Technical Details

Type: Pergola Large Patio System

Standard Widths:
Through 14' per section

Standard Projections:
10', 12', 14', 16', 18', 20'

Standard Frame Colors: White, Desert Sand, Brown, Silver, Forest Green

Recommend Application: Restaurants, Large Residential Patios

Recommend Fabrics to Use: Sunbrella, Dickson & Calliope

Awning Options:

Standard Frame Colors
Solid Colors and Pattern Options
Standard Awning Frame Colors
Features & Benefits
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Valance Styles

Valance Styles for Awnings

Standard valance styles are shown above (styles may vary depending on fabric pattern used). If a custom valance is required, include a well-dimensioned sketch with the order as well as instructions on style. Valance cut may vary slightly depending on fabric pattern.

NOTE: The standard valance style is "E."

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