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Commercial Canopies

Commercial Graphics CanopyHorizontal Rib and
Commercial Graphics Canopies

This unique external shading system gives protection against intense heat on hot, sunny days.

Horizontal Rib canopies can be retractable or stationary (see styles 1-5, 7 & 8 below). They are limited to 24' in width.

Commercial Restaurant CanopiesAll horizontal rib canopies are ideal when used for backlighting because there are no vertical ribs to interfere with graphics. This type of frame should be stationary if its purpose is as a backlit canopy (most graphics are applied on the first panel. Any lettering on the valance will not be back-lit (visible at night).

The Cannes Model canopy (style 1 and 2 at right) is Canopy Stylesutilized for windows and doors where maximum projection is needed but the height is limited. The height on the side of the canopy equals the projection. The height of the canopy in the front is less for head clearance if necessary. This type of canopy is not available as retractable if the projection is considerably more than the height.

Vertical Rib Canopies

Vertical Rib Canopy
Vertical Rib commercial canopies are ideal when a wider canopy is needed. This type of canopy can be manufactured in sections and bolted together at the job site to give the effect of having one continuous canopy.

All canopies are welded in 1" square aluminum of the highest standards to a solid framework.

Vertical Canopy Styles

Commercial Restaurant Vertical Rib Canopies

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