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SunAir Awnings: Features & Benefits

SunAir Retractable Awnings
Enhance the beauty and value of your home today...
Invest in a new Sunair retractable fabric awning

Sunair awnings combine functional excellence with decorative appeal. Manufactured to be practically maintenance free, they offer year-round beauty and use. Your family and your home will benefit from the features offered with our awnings.

Explore the Benefits of SunAir Retractable Awnings

UV ProtectionIncrease your outdoor living area comfortably and efficiently at a fraction of the cost of a permanent addition. A Sunair awning provides you and your family with 99% UV protection from the sun's harmful rays so you and your family are free to enjoy the outdoors without worry.

Reduce sunlight and glare through your windows by as much as 94%.

Reduce heat gain through your windows by as much as 77%.

Reduced SunlightProvide beauty and increased value to your home.

With a SUNAIR retractable awning you can have sun when you want it or shade when you need it simply by extending or retracting the awning. With our awning you eliminate any unsightly poles or permanent frame work.

At your command you can easily extend or retract your awning either at the push of a button or with the standard hand crank.

On cloudy days when you are not using the awning it stays retracted against the wall allowing light to penetrate unlike permanent fixed awnings which block light on dark gloomy days.

Unlike stationary awnings there is no need for seasonal take-down and re-installation. The awning stays retracted on the wall out of harms way.

A Sunair retractable awning is practically maintenance free.

 Components Feature Benefit
Awning Arms
All SUNAIR arm parts under stress are made of forged aluminum. All arms 8'7" and above use three heavy duty steel springs. All projections up to 6'11" use two steel springs. Forged aluminum is far superior than castings, and 13' projection arms can be made with a continuous safety margin. Heavy duty steel springs are more durable and provide longer life under maximum tension.
SUNAIR's arm uses the strongest materials on the market, yet is engineered for flexibility with a unique two-way movable front arm attachment. A two-way movable front coupling relieves strain, increases the flexibility in the arm and helps to reduce the possibility of wind damage. This feature is unique in the industry.
Awning Hinge
SUNAIR's hinge uses twin galvanized tinned steel cables over a specially engineered elliptical-shaped radius. The hinge is triple angled. Twin cables are far superior than a single cable. Cable wear is reduced to a minimum and allows heavier tension in the arm. The elliptical-shaped cable radius increases tension in the springs as the arm is extended where mostly needed. The angles in the hinge allow each arm to flex independently, thus absorbing stress during wind gusts helping eliminate damage.
Retractable Gears
SUNAIR uses a heavy duty 3:1 ratio bevel gear with a stop. A 14:1 ratio gear is used on larger widths. The 3:1 ratio gear is the most efficient gear made. It minimizes the time and effort in retracting and extending the awning. The stop eliminates fabric damage which could occur from over-rolling past the projection of the arm.
SunAir Brackets
All SUNAIR brackets are made of heavy duty extruded aluminum electrostatically powder coated to the highest standards (U.S. Pat. #4,641,805). An extruded part is far superior and stronger than die castings or permanent mold casting. Electrostatic powder coating is more resistant to cracking and chipping than wet lacquer. All SUNAIR components and extrusions are powder coated.

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