Motor Operated, Automatic Motorized Awnings
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Motorized Awnings

Enjoy Automatic Climate Control all around your home... even when you're away from home... with retractable awnings powered by SOMFY

Maximize your awning enjoyment and insist on a SOMFY motor for your awning. A push button motor makes your awning so easy to use. At the simple flick of a switch your awning will extend or retract automatically. Simply touch the switch and walk away. Your awning will automatically stop. What could be simpler...

All motors are warranted for 5 years. Manual overide motors with a gear/motor combination is available which enables you to operate your awning in case of power failure and the electricity is cut off during a thunder storm (see below left).

Motor Manual Override The SOMFY Compact Manual Override is your guarantee of total control over your retractable awnings at all times, even in cases of power failure.
Outdoor Plugin System Eliminate an electrician with SOMFY Outdoor Plug-In System! All you need is an outdoor receptacle to connect the UL-approved, weatherproof components.
Decorator Toggle Switch
With a simple flick of this Decorator Toggle Switch your awnings will extend or retract automatically. You can walk away as your awning will automatically stop.

Decorator Somfy-Matic Motor
Decorator Somfy-Matic
Automatic Sun and Wind Control

For the ultimate in awning convenience install the SOMFY-MATIC sun and wind control. The automatic controls analyzes the sun and the wind which triggers your awning system even when you are away. When the sun comes out so does the awning to protect the home from scorching sunlight. When a storm or strong breeze threatens, in comes the awning, safe from the damaging effects of the wind or rain.

Somfy warrants its motors for 5 years.

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