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Storm Panels and Shutters

Have the Peace of Mind Knowing Your Beach/Bay Home or Business is Protected from Storm. Available for residential and commercial applications, these shutters come in odd sizes for those hard to fit windows. TDI approved for winds up to 140 mph.

Most Homes have to utilize more than one type of shutter due to space and design. It is not uncommon to have accordion shutters on the windows, Roll-Ups on the sliding doors and storm panels on the standard entry doors. The type of protection that is right for your house is best determined by a professional.

Hurricane Rated Storm Shutters

TDI tested for hurricane force winds to protect your coastal home. Available in rectangular and custom shape vertical and horizontal rolling, and folding accordion styles for residential or commercial use. Strong and durable coverage for windows, yet attractive to accentuate the beauty of your beachfront home. Find Out More...

Rolling Storm Shutters

We offer three styles of rolling shutter in several strengths for home or business use. Select from rectangular for windows or patio doors; custom shapes for round top or specialty styles; or horizontal for overhead sunlights; all custom fitted for your window. Find Out More...

Accordion Folding Shutters

Cover patio doors, oversized rectangular windows, or entire balconies. The accordion shutter offers a vertical interlocking blade system for strenth and stability in the worst possible weather conditions. Window lites allow light through when you want it and mechanically bent tracks offer coverage for odd shaped balconies. Find Out More...

Storm Panels
Removable panels are made of a variety of materials. The three main materials are made of steel, aluminum or clear polycarbonate. Panels are attached with anchors top and bottom or by tracks. Panel tracks make assembly and installation faster and easier.

Storm panels are considered one of the most economical choices for hurricane and storm protection. They offer substantial protection at a lower cost of other storm protection products. Clear polycarbonate panels are the most expensive of the three types. Aluminum panels are lighter than steel panels.

Panels are stackable and require a dry place for storage, usually a garage or carport. For assembly, do a dry run early to see how long and difficult the process is for you. This will also give you the opportunity to fix something before it's too late. See pics on the Photo Gallery

Bahama Shutters
Bahama Shutters are similar in design to the Colonial Shutter. Bahama shutters cover windows and are hinged at the top giving the house a Bahamian or tropical appearance. The Bahama shutter also reduces the amount of sunlight entering the window. Simply lowering and latching the shutter provides storm protection. See pics on the Photo Gallery

Colonial Shutters
Colonial Shutters are hinged on the side and open to the outside of the window promoting the look of a Colonial Estate. Before the storm arrives, the shutters are simply closed and latched with hinges and or locking bars. See pics on the Photo Gallery

Standards for storm shutters vary throughout the country. Most codes are very stringent and change often. Gulf Coast Shutters strives to have shutters approved under as many codes as possible. Local installers sometimes are more up to date with local codes and should be consulted during your decision process.

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