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SunAir: The Finest Awnings in The Industry
Gulf Coast offers awnings from the SunAir company, a fifth generation family owned business owned and operated by the Martensson family. Located in Jessup, Maryland, SUNAIR develops and manufactures the highest quality and most reliable Retractable Awnings in the United States.

Manufacturing and Production

Production by SunAir
SunAir's 80,000 square foot state of the art manufacturing facility In Jessup is built to handle production well beyond 2001. With the most modern equipment installed they can manufacture their products with efficiency, quality and consistency.

Fabric Covers in Production
From the fabric cover to the frame only the best equipment is used in the manufacturing process. All fabric cover hems are cut and sealed ultrasonically to prevent unraveling. The fabric is sewn using fully automatic "lockstitch" machines. Chain stich sewing machines are never used because it can easily unravel.

SUNAIR is the only manufacturer that powder coats all components and extrusions in house. Their state of the art powder coating equipment greatly increases their efficiency in production.

Exclusive Features and Products

Gortex Sewing Thread in all AwningsSUNAIR is one of the few manufacturers that have made the switch to TENARA sewing thread by GORTEX. This thread holds up better to the elements.

Their five standard powder coat frame colors are unsurpassed in the industry. SUNAIR truly gives the customers a choice beyond choosing the fabric.

Forged Aluminum Components

SUNAIR is the only manufacturer that forges the aluminum components used in the manufacture of their awnings. Forgings are much stronger than traditional die-casting or permanent mold castings used by the competition.

SunAir Outriggers System
OUTRIGGERS - This system was engineered by SUNAIR to allow their customers more control of their Retractable Awining. The awning can now be used in more inclement weather, and allows you to use the awning when typical inclement weather would drive you inside.

PATIO VARIETTE - Another uniquely engineered system. This system is a stationary frame with a retractable fabric cover.

Most Important of All!

Manufacturing InhouseSUNAIR has been manufacturing retractable awnings for more than 30 years. This system has been manufactured both in the United States and in Europe in excess of 1 million.

SUNAIR takes great pride in their manufacturing process, and through their years of experience and commitment to quality have created a quality awning that is going to last you for many years to come.

With our unique and diverse product line we are confident that we have a product to fit your needs. We encourage you to contact us. You will see that there is no other manufacturer that can offer you what SUNAIR can.

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