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Solar-Tex Technical Specifications


Standard Fabrics:
The Solar Tex - Standard uses 3G Mermet Vienne, Natte and Satine fabrics fabric made up of fiberglass & vinyl. Mermet specializes in solar screen fabrics made from high quality coated fiberglass yarn, used primarily for internal and external window screens. 3G Mermet's fabric selection is a solution to demanding functions in architecture: solar protection, energy savings, visual comfort, decoration, and acoustical comfort they are truly intelligent.

Solar Tex Plus Fabrics:
The Zip Tex Plus uses Mermet, Ferrari, Sunbrella and insect fabrics. These are leaders in the insect screen, solar screen, privacy screens, engineered products and outdoor designer fabrics industries. As the one of the worlds largest producer of fiberglass screens their products reflect technological innovations as well as todays changing design trends.


Upper Housings:
The upper housing is a pre-assembled, modular system. It is five-sided (20 or 45 degrees) in design and is enclosed (with the exception of the slat aperture) in a roll formed (larger than 5 inches) or extruded aluminum ( 4'' and 5'') skin. Its finish consists of baked on polymer based enamel in colors matching the tracks. The front and lower portion of the housing is a detachable access panel. They are two piece coverings. The back covering is pop-riveted to the housing and fastened to the studs above the protected area. The front covering is attached to the housing with sheet metal screws.

End Caps:
The housing is supported at each end by die cast aluminum reel supports, which include stamped aluminum alignment plated and injection-molded nylon slat guides.

Tracks / Rails:

Side Tracks:
Side tracks are extruded aluminum with a baked enamel finish. The tracks undergo a five-step pretreatment process prior to the electrostatic application of a high solid polyester based enamel. All side tracks are lined internally with tightly woven polypropylene runners.

Color Selections:

Upper Housings and Tracks come in white and brown.

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