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Zip-Tex Product Guide

What is ZipTex:
- Rolling Fabric Screens for exterior Applications (Acrylic, Polyester, Fiber)
- A variety of fabrics with different levels of visual and thermal specifications
- Lateral End-Retention
   - Zip(zipper)
   - Increased Wind Loads and full top to bottom/ side to side opening coverage
- Specifically designed for UV and insect protection

Available Frame Colors:

- Exterior Installation (Extruded Housing, recommended)
- 20° Hood Cover Hinge: Front: 4", 5"
- Standard Housings and Endcaps can be used (rollformed, extruded, 45°/20°)
- Box orientation: in or out
- Exterior or Interior Application

End Retention System:
- Rail Insert: Extruded PVC, Floating with Tensioning mechanism, lateral end retention
- Railcaps (top and bottom) necessary

Alutech Standard:
- 78mm Galvinized Axle for strength
- Powder Coated frames
- Adapting Idler for round axle
- Simu/Somfy Motors and controls
- Standard Limit setting procedures
   - Mechanical
   - Radio Controlled
- Hem bar is double weighted with lateral glide insert for stability

Dimensions/ Specifications:
- Min/Max. Width: 35" min. –228" max.
- Max. Height: 4" Housing: 59" / 5" to 5.5" Housing: 156"
- Max. Size: 130 sq ft (split recom. if over 200 sq ft)

Additional Options:
- Single span and split span options
- Split spans have one screen per operator
- Wind sensors are not necessary
- Wind Rating: 80mph

For More Information and Drawings
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