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Technical Info: Horizontal Rolling Shutters

Description of operation:

The horizontal roller shutter is operated by a tubular motor with a built- in torque limit switch. The Rolling Shutter rolls from top to bottom. Every Shutter is motorized

The tube has a wheel bracket at each end which are mounted to adjustment plates, that have been pre-set based on the slope of the roof.

The curtain is moved in the housing along the teflon half cradle due to the moving roller shutter axle.


Roll formed, baked enamel aluminum profile, 45° angled on one corner end caps made of thick dye cast aluminum

Guide Rail

Extruded, powder coated aluminum profile with rubber inserts to reduce friction

Bottom Stop Sill

Extruded, powder coated aluminum profile located along the lower edge of the shutter

Curtain Slat

Roll formed, foam filled, baked enamel aluminum profile (vented or non vented).

Glide Profile

Extruded, powder coated aluminium profile with rubber inserts and pre-drilled mounting holes. Mounted above existing structural joists or T-bars max.. span width of gliding profiles: approx... 4’

Stabilizer Strut

Extruded, powder coated aluminum profile with felt. used in shutters over 102" in width

 Side Base Plates

Extruded, powder coated aluminum profile


Motor Data:

  • Tubular Motor (Siral)
  • Voltage 110 V
  • Power 175 Watts
  • Strength of the electrical current 0,78 AMPS
  • Speed 12 RPM
  • Torque 30 NM
  • CSA, UL approval July 1997

Torque Limit switch is adjustable in both directions to control upper and lower stop positions.

 Connecting Cable
  • With connector at motor
  • Cable color: white
  • Cable lengths: 3’, 9’, 15’ and 30’
  • Cable exit at the side of the motor
Interior Switch

Momentary 3 Position Rocker Switch is standard
(Maintain switches available upon request)
Standard cover plate is cream.

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