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TDI Shutter Testing

Effective February 1, 2006

This product has been evaluated for compliance with the wind loads specified in the International Residential Code (IRC) and the International Building Code (IBC). This product shall be subject to reevaluation 3 years after the effective date.

This product evaluation is not an endorsement of this product or a recommendation that this product be used. The Texas Department of Insurance has not authorized the use of any information contained in the product evaluation for advertising, or other commercial or promotional purpose.

This product evaluation is intended for use by those individuals who are following the design wind load criteria in Chapter 3 of the IRC and Section 1609 of the IBC. The design loads determined for the building or structure shall not exceed the design load rating specified for the products shown in the limitations section of this product evaluation. This product evaluation does not relieve a Texas licensed engineer of his responsibilities as outlined in the Texas Insurance Code, the Texas Administrative Code and the Texas Engineering Practice Act.

RCE-40 40mm Slat Aluminum Roll-Up Shutter

will be accepted for use in designated catastrophe areas along the Texas Gulf Coast when installed in accordance with this product evaluation along with Drawing No. 05-367, sheets 1-5 of 5, dated December 2, 2005, signed and sealed by Walter A. Tillit, Jr., P.E. on December 2, 2005. The stated drawings will be referred to as the approved drawings in this report.


The 40mm extruded aluminum roll-up shutter is a 6063-T6 aluminum alloy permanently mounted impact protective system. The aluminum slats have a total width of 1.870“ and a depth of 0.382“ and a typical wall thickness of 0.043”. The slats are mounted with the following components; the header, track, the reel box assembly and storm bars. The overall horizontal span of the system can be increased by the use of storm bars that create multiple spans. All aluminum extrusions shall be 6063-T6 aluminum alloy.


Maximum Allowable Design Pressure (Single Span Units): ±55psf

Maximum Allowable Design Pressure (Multiple Span Units): ±25psf, ±33psf or ±55psf (See multiple span unit table on page 2 of 5 for storm bar conditions)

Maximum Shutter Width (Single Span Unit): 60”

Maximum Overall Shutter Width (Multiple Span Unit): 96”

Impact Resistance: This shutter assembly satisfies the Texas Department of Insurance’s criteria for protection from windborne debris in both the Inland I zone and the Seaward zone. The shutter assemblies passed an impact-resisting standard equivalent to Missile Level D specified in ASTM E 1996-02. The shutter assemblies may be installed at any height on the structure as long as the design pressure rating for the assemblies is not exceeded.


General Installation Requirements:
All shutters shall be installed in accordance with the approved drawings.

Mounting Conditions:
The shutter system shall be mounted and anchored in accordance with the mounting conditions shown on the drawings. For attachment to any wood framing members, the wood framing members shall be a minimum Spruce-Pine-Fir lumber (G≥0.42), and wood screws shall have a minimum penetration of 2”.

Minimum Separation from Glass:
The minimum separation from glass shall be 1”.

Manufacturer’s installation instructions and the approved drawings shall be available on the job site. All fasteners shall be corrosion resistant as specified in the International Residential Code (IRC) and the International Building Code (IBC).

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